Friday, February 09, 2007

Sisters of the Road

I’m not even sure where to begin exactly. I’ve never felt quite so fiercely like I could, with such unwavering certainty, do anything I’ve ever wanted to do. Does this town do this to everyone?

Oregon Trail 2007! Here are some pictures from the road, and some from our first days in Portland.

Martha's brother's band, The Clean Prophets, was in town at the begining of the week and showed us quite a good time. And I had a birthday too!

We've already reconnected with old friends and aquaintances, and are having such great interactions with potential new ones.

Thanks Dad for helping me get set up and settled. Thanks Katie and Eric for the hospitality along the way.

I miss everyone and am having an amazing time, but fearfully starting the job hunt. Wish me luck!

And come visit!


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