Thursday, March 06, 2008


Ten years ago today, I was supposed to go to a movie. It was March of 1998, so chances are Anna, Jill, Jodi and I were planning on seeing The Wedding Singer. We were freshmen, so we would have to get to East Park by way of someone’s mom or Alexis Wissing’s Montero.

But in the middle of ironing out those plans, something else happened. And instead of heading to the theater, we got together with the rest of our classmates and headed towards Lincoln General Hospital.

It’s been a decade since the accident that nearly took Megan’s life. A decade since I witnessed the miraculous power of faith, hope, love and community. A decade since my friendship with Megan began to blossom into one of the best, most life-, love- and laughter-giving relationships a human being can hope for.

I’m so glad you’re here. On this earth, in my life, and always, always in my heart.

You are my sunshine Megs!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

my new favorite gay.

There was a time in my life, if you'll remember, that I lead a rather isolated existence on the Colville Indian Reservation. It was Central Washington. 2005-2006. My JVC year.

And during that time, while I gained a broadened sense of cultural awareness, a deepened spirituality, an appreciation for nature's wilderness, and a surprising affinity for scrapbooking and Dairy Queen, I lost some things too.

Collegiate social drinking opportunities.
A rodent-free lifestyle.
Even my sanity on occasion.

But there was one loss in particular that really shook me to my core. One loss that couldn't be supplemented with prayer or meditation or even satellite television.

I lost access to my gays.

And when you lose your gays, you very nearly lose your life.

I was spared by quarterly visits from Greg, the Reading Program Specialist from San Fransisco with the buttery voice and equally buttery elbow-length locks. But were it not for his periodic visits to discuss phonics and Targeted Treasure Hunts, I may have asphyxiated on my Pegler-Sysco chicken nuggets. He came like manna in the desert, as if from the sky, just when I needed him most.

But what would happen if I found myself in that situation again? How would I cope? How could I prepare? Would I be able to survive the next time around?

Well, luckily, I need not fear the gayless terror of the night. Nor the gayless arrow that flies by day. Because armed with internet access and a steadfast dose of flamboyance, I have seen the light. And that light is "What the Buck".

So even if I end up on some Brokeback-esk ranch in the middle of America, or even if Camilo goes back to Spain and doesn't call me for months at a time, or even if my ultra-hetero male co-workers subject me to droning details of tired Budweiser commercials and Oregon Ducks stats, I will survive.

Neh, I will thrive.

Michael Buckley? You are my new favorite gay.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Vogue. Postsecret. Even the Word of God.

All now in kitteh speak. Layers upon layers.

Not sure you speak the kitteh? You can has tranzlashun.

LOLcats iz in mai head. Takin up brane cellz.


Monday, December 31, 2007

should old acquaintance be forgot...

A look back at 2007. In pictures! What an amazing year.

Much love, warmth, peace and happiness.
I am so grateful!

Happy New Year Everybody!