Thursday, May 25, 2006


I'm not one to go ga-ga over a mainstream American cultural phenomenon. But HOLY CRAP, did you guys SEE American Idol last night?!?!?!

I flipped out.

That was a truly great and entertaining piece of television. Big and bright and just cheesy enough to be totally kick ass.

A Burt Backarack medley, Meatloaf, Dion Warwick, a vaclempt David Hasselhoff. I mean World's Sexiest Vegetarian Prince was there, for Christ's sake! Gyrating and squeak-moaning in all his soulful, purple glory.

I literally started jumping up and down in my kitchen during his performance. That was so effing awesome. Minnesota.

And I'm slightly embarrassed by this, but truthfully, I think I swooned a little when Clay Aiken came out to surprise everyone. And yeah, it made me feel kind of like a lesbian.

But look at his gorgeous HAIR!

I'm not embarrassed to admit, however, that I have the McPheever. Katherine is a stone fox. I wish I had her boobies.

So last night gets a high five for entertainment value from me, on nearly every level. It was like a variety show circus for the new millennium. Slightly embarrassing, completely redonkulous, yet TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY AWESOME.

Soul Patrol, America. Soul Patrol.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Happy Birthday Momma!

I love you!

Snoop Bloggy Blog.

It was another weekend for the record boooks.
The Spokane kids came out to visit!
Here are some pictures.

Friday evening we watched two bambies come into the world, right in between the two trailers. Amazing!
Saturday afternoon at Omak lake.
Karaoke night at the good 'ol Tamarack.
"Damn! I wish I was your lover!"
Carousing with the locals.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


This is hilarious. And also makes me a little uneasy about my future.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I just found out that there is a Norwegian dj/pop artist named Annie.

Just Annie.

She sounds kind of airy euro funky. Nothing I'm too into. Something you might hear while shopping for skinny people clothes at Express or something.

But she has an album called "Anniemal". Which makes me kind of jealous that I'm not a Norwegian dj/pop artist myself. Because man. That is one wicked album title.

And look at this canvas bag with my name on it!

Monday, May 15, 2006

I'm a blogging fool today...

But I thought it was necessary to commemorate my year-since-graduation anniversary.

Wow. That doesn't seem so long ago.

This makes me both really proud of what I've accomplished/endured/gained since then, and also makes me really excited to come home and see so many of the people I miss so much.

Happy first year friends!

And more importantly, congrats to those of you who've graduated this year! Meg, Camillo, Jen and anyone else out there celebrating their new degrees with family, friends, and finger food. Husk on Huskers. I can't wait to see you.

It's a photo share!

Here's what I've been up to for the last few weekends. Enjoy!

Weekend in Seattle

"Real gangsta ass niggas don't flex nuts..."

The Spokompton girls represent.
The outsiders.
Some of the JVC Northwest homies. Look how sunny it is in Seattle!

Cinco de Mayo!

7-layer bean dip and off-brand tequila on $80 a month? Yeah. We young volunteers of America know how to throw a fiesta.

Here's how it went down last weekend in SpokeVegas.

Hey. I dig your paddle.
Martha and Nettie show us what "community" means to them.
Well hello up there!
Drummin' by the fire.
Hi Matthew!
Enjoying a brewski.
Bean dip! Waaa!

And later that weekend...

We and some 40,000 others ran 7.46 miles in the 30th annual Spokane Bloomsday road race.

It was the funnest exercise I've ever gotten.

Here's some of the gang enjoying post-race refreshments back at La Casa De Romero.

Does anyone else out there ever get GIANT crushes on the effeminate or homosexual men in their lives?

And I don't mean in that bitter, heterosexual female, all-the-good-ones-are-gay way.

I mean in the I-want-to-make-margaritas-and-watch-a-Real-World-marathon-with-you way.

Yes. I know I've mentioned it before. But Greg, the Reading Specialist from San Francisco, is back in town to observe us. And it's the bright spot in my Monday morning.

I want to have in-depth conversations with him about American Idol and airport bagel shops. And I want to braid his hair.

I found "Miss Wilkins Sucks" graffitied with crayon on the inside of a fourth-grader's desk today.

I wish I could write "EAT POOP CHILDREN" all over my white board, but that might be inappropriate.

But come on. Using crayons to express your rage against the machine?

Pppfff. Lame.

I mean, if you are going to vandalize something, at least get your hands on some permanent markers or something. Jeeze.

New favorite catch phrase:

"More straight edge than Kirk Cameron holding a basket of kittens."

I wish I could claim it, but I stole it from a Daily Candy e-mail and thought it was too good to keep to myself.

Friday, May 12, 2006


I just just discovered something about myself that I did not know before.

I. Love. Green. Olives.

I thought I hated them!


I LOVE them!

Thanks veggie tray. You've opened my eyes to a whole new world.

Now. To find a martini bar.

internet users! activate!

Save the Internet: Click here

It's just as important as saving the whales!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

How poignant. How timely.

In lieu of recent events, I'd like to share with you my Career Horoscope reading for the day:

"There should be plenty of movement when it comes to your career now, but is it of the upward variety? If you're doing the lateral thing -- or backpedaling -- take matters into your own hands and get moving forward."

Second year of JVC = lateral?


But perhaps giving them a piece of my mind, telling them what's up, and letting them know they should consider themselves lucky to have me = moving forward.

Either way.

I know I'm more than fine. I'm kick ass. I'm shining.

Ok stars. Boyakasha.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My Debbie Downer Post

A lot of really cool things have happened since I last blogged:
Camping trips, road races, parties, mice encounters, hugs from children, conversations with friends, amusing quotes from children ("Your pants smell good!"). And I apologize for not brightening this thing up with stories and pictures of my life from the last few weeks. I will eventually. Promise.

But today, I just feel like poop. And there are too many people I want to tell about it. So here goes.

I got a call from Sr. Cathie last night, the woman I interviewed with for the Rose Haven job. After a very long, hard, but necessary conversation, we kind of came to the conclusion that Rose Haven is not the job for me.

Now she kept saying "Don't take this as rejection." And I understand what she means. In all honesty, after hearing more about the clients they serve and the kind of intensity involved in the work, I don't think that's where I belong next year. This year has been extremely trying at times, and what I need most in a job next year, is something with a little stream of hope woven in. I need some positivity and joy mixed in with the challenges. Not that Rose Haven is full of hopelessness. Quite the opposite, I'm sure. But they deal with a lot of grief and a lot of really heavy things. Things that I am not sure I want to handle. Things that Sr. Cathie thinks maybe I shouldn't handle. At least not fresh off of this already difficult year.

So in one way it's like SWEET! Glad I figured that out before I committed a year of my life to it.

The shitty part? The encounter still made me feel like a total piece of crap.

In a subtle way, Sr. Cathie implied that after two phone interviews (which took place in a very public teacher's lounge and a very public school office at the end of the school day, by the way. Not the most ideal phone interviewing environment.) I sounded "distant" from my kids. It sounded like I "hadn't developed any close relationships with them". And that hurt me. Bad.

She kept saying things like "No one here thinks they are better than anyone else. We become very close to our clients here." And I didn't know what to say. I felt like she was telling me I was vain and incapable of developing meaningful relationships with people who are different from me.

She said she was sure that I was "a very smart girl". But to me, it sounded like "you are cold and uncompassionate."

It's really hard to hear someone's impression of you when they don't really know you. It's hard to hear someone else's take on your life and work, when they don't know what makes you tick. They don't know what your job is like, what kind of opportunities and roadblocks are involved. And it left me scrambling to try to prove something. But I was at a loss. Anything I said came out sounding so pathetic.

I've always prided myself on being personal and compassionate. I've always felt like my relationships with people was like my thing.

And I realize that what was actually said and my emotional reaction to what was said are two different things. But some of that stuff, no matter how gently it came out, was really hard to hear. I mean, you can't show someone the core of who you are in a fucking phone interview. It just doesn't work that way.

But the hardest part, is being back at work today, seeing these kids who I do love, and feeling like someone has just told me it isn't good enough.

I know that wasn't her intention.

And I know that the message behind everything she was saying was completely legitimate. Rose Haven is not the best fit for me. She could see that before I could. She knows what goes on there and she knows what I'm looking for in a job, and she realized that they don't match up. I couldn't have known that without her help. I need something a little more life giving than Rose Haven can offer.

But the hard part is having someone tell you that they don't think you should do something...Especially when you yourself feel you are capable of anything. The hard part is you automatically take that crap as a judgment of character. As a judgment of how you are currently doing. Even though you know you shouldn't.

Suddenly, and for the first time, I feel totally inadequate. And I feel like crying.

By the way. I again have no idea what I'm doing next year. Maybe I'll still be doing JVC in Portland, just at another job. But maybe this was God's way of saying "You can get out now, and do something for yourself. That's what you need right now." We'll find out soon enough.