Thursday, December 28, 2006

no one reads my blog!


I watched The Proud Family tonight and almost cried.

Yes. I said The Proud Family - a Disney Channel Original Series. YOU KNOW!

It's an Afro American-ish comedy cartoon, with a whole slew of loveable characters, including one named Dijonay. Like the combination mayonaise and mustard that Kraft makes.

I decided to start watching tonight after Law and Order reruns got too heavy. So it's about your average, All-American black family, their friends and neighbors, making it in the day to day, living and learning and all that jazz. It comes with the standard crazy grandma that tells it how it is, and even has this slightly Rick James-ish, uncle-ish, side-kick character that always wears a track suit, holds a microphone, and speaks in a sing-song Andre 3000 goof voice about what's going on. Like "I just ate the whole bird and now I need some ANT-ASS-SIIIIIIID!" It's effing awesome. I laughed hard. And not just cuz I'm tired. Cuz it's funny. I don't know if kids who watch the Disney channel think it's awesome, because I feel like its awesomeness might be over their little Hannah Montana heads, but I think it's awesome, and that's all that matters.

Anyways, the point is I LEARNED something from a cartoon tonight. That's right kids. I learned what KWANZA is all about. And shit man! It's not just for black people! I mean, it is, but it's full of some really amazing things that everybody should take to heart! How could you not want to supplement your Christmas with a holiday that celebrates Unity, Self-Determination, Collective Work and Responsibility, Cooperative Economics, Purpose, Creativity, and Faith?!

Baby Jesus, family togetherness, and gift giving are all great and wonderful things. But in the swamp of consumer driven poo-poo and the stress of creating perfect moments, what a solid, uplifting, organic, grounding, genuine, life-giving little tid-bit! Cooperative economics?! I love it! And any spiritual celebration that recognizes CREATIVITY as an essential part of the human process...amazing. Purpose? Togetherness? Faith? UNITY? Everything great and beautiful and essential to life is covered. It's like the dull pang of emptiness we all feel a little bit post-Christmas can be remedied with the awesomeness of KWANZA! And it doesnt leave anyone out for not thinking a certain way or not having the resources to buy gifts. And I like that.

Damn. I'm sold. Those childrens' television writers know what they're doing.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My Dick in a Box

Monday, December 18, 2006

i just want your extra time and your.....kiss.

So religion is growing ever popular in the totally crazy ass famous people circles. And, as all famous people trends go, you want to take it all with a grain of salt. Or a shot of vodka. Or a handful of vicadin.

But then I was thinking about it, and I was like, Jeeze. You know, if Prince showed up on my doorstep, and told me I could live a better life as a witness of Jehovah, really, could he be so wrong? I mean, it's Prince. Who am I to argue with the man? THE man? If the editors of The Watchtower knew what was best for them, they'd put sexy/sexually ambiguous buttless pants shots of The Artist on the cover of every newsletter. If that won't win converts, i don't know what will.

Best compliment of the month comes from E.J. at tonight's Faint/Tilly and the Wall show. Upon seeing me and Kevin post-show in the parking lot, and after distributing obligitory E.J. hugs and kisses:
"You guys are like the Royal Tenenbaums..."

Thanks dude.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

soy bomb.

This is pretty hilarious, although I don't think it's supposed to be.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

you can feel it all over!

The question I've been trying to answer most since June is "So what are you doing these days?" or some variation there of. I'd shrug, smile, explain as briefly as I could, what I had done the year before, what I had been doing since then, and some of the many different things I was currently doing, giving more detail to some than others. Inevitably, to spice up my story at the end, when I could tell my listeners were getting bored, I'd throw in, "and I think I might be moving to Portland sometime!"

Truthfully, I was a little uncertain what the future held for me, and was afraid I might end up living at home, catering to the dining needs of Lincoln's pseudo rich and famous for the rest of my days. But it's official! I'm moving to Portland in mid-late January! And I have a place to sleep, eat, and shower when I get there! A house! And roommates to boot!

Once November hit, Martha and I realized we should probably start getting our shit together, reassured each other that we were both still in it to win it, and started scouring craigslist. To our surprise and delight, our already awesome JVC friends Julia and Bruce had just found a gorgeous, cheap, well-located abode in Northeast Portland, and were looking for two roommates. It couldnt have fell together more beautifully...

Merry Christmas to ME!

Going to Omaha to holiday down with Catherine and friends.

Currently listening to:
Sir Duke. On reapeat. For the third day in a row.

Fun photo of the day:

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I realize that my bloggings have been fairly sparse and lame as of late. But brevity is important in my life these days, as I am trying to accomplish a lot of shizzle (redecorating, portfolio developing, Portland job/house hunting, money making, disco breaking) in a little bit of time.

But I still like doing this thang, and find that writing regularly, on any subject, is something that makes me feel good. So here are some things about my life today. Condensed!

Britney Spears' lady business.

Aceyalone's "Mooore" from "Magnificent City"

A soymilk vanilla latte from the Mill, free, courtesy of
Miss Sarah Holmes.

An e-mail from the amazing Miss Catherine Monahan. She's throwin a shin-dig. An exerpt:

"And while we don't have an
overarching theme, feel free to choose your own.
A White Trash Christmas?
A Hobo Holiday?
One Last Christmas Sweater Party Before the Joke Gets Way Too Old to
Even Induce a Slight Chuckle?"

Linking things on my blog, thanks to a short eblogger tutorial from bro-bro Patrick Wilkins.