Saturday, December 09, 2006

you can feel it all over!

The question I've been trying to answer most since June is "So what are you doing these days?" or some variation there of. I'd shrug, smile, explain as briefly as I could, what I had done the year before, what I had been doing since then, and some of the many different things I was currently doing, giving more detail to some than others. Inevitably, to spice up my story at the end, when I could tell my listeners were getting bored, I'd throw in, "and I think I might be moving to Portland sometime!"

Truthfully, I was a little uncertain what the future held for me, and was afraid I might end up living at home, catering to the dining needs of Lincoln's pseudo rich and famous for the rest of my days. But it's official! I'm moving to Portland in mid-late January! And I have a place to sleep, eat, and shower when I get there! A house! And roommates to boot!

Once November hit, Martha and I realized we should probably start getting our shit together, reassured each other that we were both still in it to win it, and started scouring craigslist. To our surprise and delight, our already awesome JVC friends Julia and Bruce had just found a gorgeous, cheap, well-located abode in Northeast Portland, and were looking for two roommates. It couldnt have fell together more beautifully...

Merry Christmas to ME!

Going to Omaha to holiday down with Catherine and friends.

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Sir Duke. On reapeat. For the third day in a row.

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