Wednesday, October 18, 2006

i'm taking a poop jangling seminar at Julliard...

Last night in Lawrence, I got to see two comedic heroes of mine in action.

And afterwards, stumbled through a completely awkward meet and greet.

Yes, Mr. Michael Showalter and Mr. Michael Ian Black of The State and Stella fame, made a stop in the Midwest on their current standup comedy tour.

Catherine and I were hoping to catch a few beers with our new buddies after the show. Or maybe a cocktail or two. You know. Go to a bar. Or perhaps wind down in a more serene and intimate space. Like backstage. Or the Lawrence Holiday Inn. Or the back of their Hyundai Sonata.

We would have even settled for a brisk evening jaunt down Massachusetts Avenue. Meandering down the middle of the street with the Michaels, our hands in each others back pockets...

But it never seems to pan out quite the way it does in you head, does it?

It was totally awesome.

My cheeks still hurt.

Plus we got to hang out with Shelley and Monica!

Not bad for a Tuesday night.


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