Thursday, April 20, 2006

Nothing boosts your ego like a 3rd grade crush.

All this week and next, the kids are doing buttloads of standardized testing. Which sucks for them, but is great for me. I figure this is God making up for any and all standardized testing I had to endure as a child and adolescent. Because when the kids test, we have hardly ANYTHING to do. And we have needed a break.

So this week, I've been hanging out with the third graders who need supervision while their classmates finish their tests, and it has been nothing short of entertaining. Lots of amusing threats have been thrown back and forth.

"I know who you like!"

"I'll knock you out!"

"You like spongebob?!"

"I'll give you a swirly!"

I also have a notion that one or two of the boys like like me, a role in life I'm not used to. In the middle of helping one kid with a multiplication problem, I was asked if I had a boyfriend. Later that day, a drawing of what faintly resembled a human being made it's way to my desk, with the words "Mr. Wilkins" on top. I guess whoever drew it doesn't mind taking my last name. A true boy of the new millennium.

And as cheesy as it is, it's a much appreciated boost to the ego. The 9-year-old boys finally like me. This, I figure, is God making up for the fact that I never got asked to a dance in high school. Oh the times they are a-changing.

Also, HAPPY 4:20 everybody! Ha. Oh man. My senior year at Pius, we had a track meet at Lincoln High on April 20th, and some rowdy public school girls kept driving by our tent and yelling "FOUR TWENTY!" and honking. It was pretty hilarious. Like yelling "Spring Break!" only a little edgier...or lamer. I don't know which.


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