Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ok. So I've recently come to the realization that some people don't grow out of being know-it-all A-holes.

This is the first year I've worked full-time with adults, and I guess there had been this assumption that when people grow up, they stop sucking. Not true my friends. Not true.

There is this one person in particular, who, although he is very intelligent, very experienced in his field, very aware of the culture, and overall very helpful, he always comes across as an arogant student council president when he decides to grace you with his wisdom.

It's like he never got over not being cool in high school or something, and has been making up for it with quirky Hawaiin shirts and an ultra serious tone of voice in the teacher's lounge. He's still in his "It's cool to be different" stage, like the guy who wears the powder blue leisure suit to prom, or the prick in your intro to philosophy class who sits in the front row and won't shut the fuck up. But he's got daughters in high school. It's like...get over it.

I guess there are just certain people who feel good telling other people how shit is done. Every piece of advise he's ever given me has come across making me feel like a total idiot. Which, I'm sorry, I'm not.


At 12:16 PM, Blogger r-fresh said...

When those people become adults they often refer to themselves as "intellectual." Often times when refering to others they like to accent how uninteresting or unintelligent people are, due to the fact that they might not read "good" books nor appreciate "good" movies. Those people are known as "non intellectuals" in the mind of the "intellectual." You will be hard pressed to find an intellectual that retains any true happiness or normal connection with others. Everything is self imposed and desperately serious. Very little humor is involved, outside of thier own strange behavior.


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